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Polyamory, Monogamy and Who Wears the T*ts

We’re talking about polyamory, monogamy, and marriage. Why are we this way? Hanna, Abbie, and Ray examine their own relationship ideals. The girls paint a picture of each other's dream soulmates.

We Told You This Was Melodrama

For season 2 episode 2, the dynamic duo review indie pop icon Lorde’s second album, Melodrama. Listen in this week as they cover topics ranging from finding your ex’s new boyfriend via Venmo to whether or not closure is real. They also welcome two brief surprise guests! Follow them on Instagram @jareddobro and @caralanderss!

IC Dining Woes

In this episode, Eco Reps Gus Dunn-Hindle and Wesley Smith tackle the issue of Ithaca College Dining Services. Special thanks to our recordist Connor Moses, and our editors Jack Liden and Petar Ozazhiev. Follow Eco Reps: @icecoreps on IG, and keep up with the Earth Day Climate Strike by following @ic.sunrise!!
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Pre Post Grad Stressing

Heard that is back! This season is a view into the mind of Chloe HK while she has no idea what the hell is happening. Post grad seems to be the scariest thing in the world so this season we are discussing how the hell we can remain #well during a time that makes us so confused.

On the (Bi)g Screen

On this episode of "My Two Gay Moms", the gals talk about bisexual visibility in film and television, toads, and Natalie Portman. Hannah dissects Black Swan, Ray fangirls over Frida, and Abbie delves Tully. Todays take-away: bisexuals exist, both in real life and on the big screen.

The Lure of Carly Rae

In their season 2 debut, Jared and Cara take on the pure pop perfection that is Dedicated by Carly Rae Jepsen. Join in on their discussion of different levels of intimacy, how it feels to be perceived, and building Cara’s music taste from Tik Tok. Follow them on Instagram @jareddobro and @caralanderss!

KINKS: Kinky New Year

April, Candace and Kylee are turning the mics back on seven months after graduating! 

Bops that Slap: Cara Dies on Air

In the final episode of the season, Jared and Cara review the much anticipated Fine Line from the modern day king of pop Harry Styles. Listen along as they talk Cara through her emotional trauma of being a Zayn girl, ponder the meaning of fruit imagery, and track Jared’s history of listening to ABBA. Follow us on Instagram @jareddobro and @caralanderss!

In Between: Season Finale with Ioanna and Sharifa

In the fifth episode of Season 2, hosts Brontë Cook and Daniela Rivero interview Ioanna Vargianiti and Sharifa Abukari. Not only are Sharifa and Ioanna roommates, but passionate artists, as well. Right now, Sharifa is working on releasing an album, while Ioanna is working on a collection of her writing. Listen in to hear about their growing process, the history of their names and their powerful relationship with art. 

Bops that Slap: The Best Idea Ever in the History of Podcasts

Jared and Cara travel back through the 2010’s to find their own versions of the top 5 songs of the decade as well as a few honorable mentions. In this week’s episode, they invite Lady Gaga into Jared’s DM’s, discuss the importance of artists using their platform for good, and issue an official Bops that Slap statement on Bruno Mars. Follow us on Instagram @jareddobro and @caralanderss!

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