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Summer Beat with Kylee Roberts | Ft. Kyra Skye

Volume 2 Finale!

In the season finale of Summer Beat, I sat down with one of the most enthusiastic people I have ever met. Kyra and I were supposed to have done this months ago but I am so happy it worked out like this in the end. The 19-year-old singer-songwriter and producer from Nyack, New York is filling up her music resume like nobody's business; and the best part is that she's actually excellent at all of it. 

Amongst talking about the rising DIY scene of music, living your best life and the independence that comes with that, I got a private concert (and I recorded it to share with you!) Please enjoy this final episode of Summer Beat with me, Kylee Roberts. 

Skip to 23 min. to hear Kyra's live performance of "If You Don't Love Yourself" from her debut album, Summer Nights.




Summer Beat with Kylee Roberts | Ft. Autumn Jones

In the midst of a vacation from Summer vacation, I headed East to Boston, Massachusetts to talk to Autumn Jones in the comfort of her apartment - untouched by the 90-degree-scorching-sun we faced that day. I met Autumn last summer and as my GenZ etiquette would go, I didn't really know her until I followed her on Instagram. Through an assortment of videos and stunning photos, I learned that this 19-year-old from Maplewood, New Jersey was one of the most soulful people I've ever spoken to. 


In this episode of Summer Beat, we talked about community, bad-ass people of color and determination. Take a listen.

Summer Beat with Kylee Roberts | Ft. Butter

Welcome to the first episode in the second volume of Summer Beat. In this episode, host Kylee Roberts (aka, me) sits down with the founders of Butter, a Funk band that works to incorporate loving sounds to all of it's listeners starting in Ithaca.

On almost every occasion I've walked into the house we recorded in and music was playing; whether it was a live cello strumming or a recorded Stevie Wonder melody from the speakers. There's something about the comfy couches, tapestry-covered ceiling and the projector on the wall of their living room that gives the college student filled house that vibe. I've known Jonah and Nicky since high school through acquaintances and was happy to get to know them a lot more as we ended up at the same college. Therefore, covering Butter was a little more on the personal side because seeing musicians jam to what feels right has a special place in my heart. 

On this episode you'll hear four of six band members talk to Kylee: Jonah Bobo, Tom Brody, Dunham Hall and Nicky Young.

Summer Beat with Kylee Roberts | Ft. Suzannah Belle

This season continues with an artist recently signed to the Ithaca-student-based-startup, Collegetown Records. Suzannah Belle and I spoke about her classic rock, blues inspiration and where  she sees her music going in this new world of technology (versus her preferred vinyl listening sessions). Check out the photos on Passion Project Online

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