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Overlooked: What’s Your Number?

On the final episode of Overlooked, Jake is joined by Kiersten McAdoo to talk about 2011 rom-com What's Your Number? The film brings together several future Avengers, a collection of sitcom stars, and a handful of well known character actors into a wacky, surprisingly sex positive film.

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Overlooked: Sleepover

On the penultimate episode of Overlooked Jake is joined by Jules Grillo to talk about Sleepover, a surprisingly adult YA comedy from the early 2000s. Along the way, they ramble about Gossip Girl, Hilary Duff, and teen-oriented films.

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Overlooked: Shin Godzilla

On episode four of Overlooked, Jake Leary sits down with Passion Project Senior Podcast Producer Edward Willshire to gush about 2016's Shin Godzilla. The film reboots the classic monster and infuses grotesquery and mundanity into a series previously known for bombast and quirky, kid-friendly-comedy.

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Overlooked: Trolls

On this week's episode Jake Leary talks "Trolls" with WIC President Natalie Newman. Based on the popular children's toy, "Trolls" makes an admirable attempt to tackle heavier subjects like mental illness; though Jake isn't satisfied with the result, the film still has a lot worth talking about.

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Overlooked: When Marnie Was There

On episode two of Overlooked, Jake Leary and Avery Alexander talk about an underappreciated Studio Ghibli movie. When Marnie Was There, released in 2014, came and went with little fanfare despite featuring one of the more grounded, moving stories for a Ghibli film.

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Overlooked: Nancy Drew

Episode 1 | Nancy Drew


On the inaugural episode of Overlooked, Jake Leary sits down with WIC programming chair Liza Gillespie to talk about "Nancy Drew" (2007). Despite featuring recognizable characters and iconography, Andrew Fleming's take on the Riverheights and the rest of the Drew-niverse diverges from the more self-serious, simplistic stories which made Nancy famous; A goofier, murder-filled version of the classic sleuth makes for a better movie than late 2000s critics and audiences acknowledged. 

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