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KINKS: Goodnight, KINKS

April, Candace and Kylee say goodbye to KINKS in this bittersweet series finale. The three ladies go through what the podcast has meant for them, their favorite episodes from this year and their plans for post-PWI life - but let's be real, PWI's won't be saying goodbye to them.

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KINKS: Black Boy Joy

Juwan Bennett and Antonio Mims takeover KINKS this week to flip the script: What is it like to be a black man at a PWI?

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KINKS: Damn Daniel…

Should we REALLY bridge the gap? We're talking about colorism and anti-blackness.

KINKS: April in La La Land

The Oscars, Jussie Smollet, and Uber Drivers oh my! April is taking KINKS to new heights, or more like new coasts! LA living is incredible but definitely comes with it's challenges and April takes a break to dive into everything she's learned so far while she's been out in the sunny state. She may be letting her hair down (literally) but Hollywood's got her all tangled up.

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KINKS: Today Years Old - Black Edition

In this episode we're reviewing black history we definitely should have learned before we got to college...let alone in our 20s. 

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KINKS Bonus: In Our Feelings

On this special bonus episode, KINKS' successors Sofia Meadows-Muriel and Leah Aulisio-Sharpe talk about Love, self-care and Celebrating Blackness at Ithaca College.

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Intro and outro music: Pet Cemetery by Tierra Whack 


Cover art by Nicki Diacik and Maya Lewis


KINKS: Shut It Down

This week, Candace and Kylee are talking about mental health, self-care and what that all looks like at a PWI. On this episode we’d also like to welcome our first and newest associate, Sofia Meadows-Muriel. Here the three hosts are asking; would the institution hear of even if we screamed?

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Intro and outro music: Pet Cemetary by Tierra Whack

KINKS: 2018 Black Excellence Awards

We're reviewing our favorite music to our biggest disappointments of 2018! 

KINKS: Black Girl Music

Who's setting our souls on fire?

KINKS Bonus: White Boys and More

Smash or pass? #overthrowtthepatriarchy

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