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Heard That with Chloe HK: Episode 3

In this episode, Chloe Hart-Kindelberger opens up about anxiety. Through open conversations about how we are feeling — not only with others, but with ourselves — we can feel all the feels and realize how important that is for our self growth. 

Heard That with Chloe HK: Episode 2

In this episode Chloe interviews her parents/her icons/two of the best people ever about how they became who they are today and how they have taught her how important and freeing it is to be 100% yourself.

Heard That with Chloe HK: Pilot

In Heard That with Chloe HK, host Chloe Hart-Kindelberger candidly shares her experiences and journey with being unapologetically herself in college. The podcast will discuss how to find who the heck you are when you have no idea what the heck you are doing. With guests appearing every week, Chloe and others discuss different self-aware icons and their experiences in life celebrating themselves.

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