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Guided: Frequently Asked Questions

Before the semester comes to an end, Sierra and Sarah want to make sure they can address as many questions about college life and the admissions process as possible. Join them on this weeks episode, with a rapid round of standard questions they receive as tour guides, common questions gathered from the @IC_admissions Instagram page and fun tips they’ve come up with on their own.

Guided: Thoughts and Stuff

Spring has finally sprung and the semester is coming to an end. Join Sarah and Sierra as they take on this episode alone! Reflecting on their sophomore year and all the ups and downs they’ve endured, the two begin to look forward to their summer adventures and the experiences junior year will bring.

Guided: Early Graduation Hesitations and Motivation

Join Sarah and Sierra as they interview recent December graduate of the Ithaca College Class of 2019 and newest Ithaca College Admissions Counselor, Danielle Leiffer. The pair gets the inside scoop about becoming a professional in the workplace directly after graduation at the same institution which they graduated from. Danielle also reveals her thoughts and emotions about coming to terms with graduation early and how it influenced her connection with her alma mater. As advised by the interviewee, what may seem like a mix of emotions at first, can end up being a HUGE learning experience.


Guided: That’s That on Transferring

In the first episode back from break, Sarah and Sierra invite their friend Connor on the show to talk about his process of transferring from one institution to another. The three of them cover student life at a conservatory versus. a college and his thoughts on higher education after the switch.

Guided: What are we Looking for in a College? (Part 2/2)

Episode 2 (Part 2/2) | What are we Looking for in a College?

In part two of our discussion with Corinna, we finish diving into the resources that can have the biggest impact on high school students when choosing a college. Somehow we also get on the topic of Russian nesting dolls and what keeps Corinna up at night. New episodes of Guided will return in late January.

Guided: What are we Looking for in a College? (Part 1/2)

Episode 2 (Part 1/2) | What are we Looking for in a College?

In part one of this two-part episode with Corinna Davies, Ithaca College Admissions Counselor and Supervisor of the President’s Host Tour Guide Committee, we discuss what students are looking for in college. As we talk about our own personal college decision process’, we include anecdotes about what makes each of our circumstances unique. Don’t forget to listen to part two, coming soon!

Guided: Why Do We “Choose” College?

Episode 1 | Why Do We “Choose” College?

On the first episode of Guided, Sarah and Sierra sit down with Nicole Bradwell, the Director of Admissions at Ithaca College. Together they analyze the reasons why students feel compelled to go to college and what factors may influence their decision.

Guided: Teaser

Guided is the newest podcast from Passion Project Online, hosted by Sierra Baker and Sarah Kane. We discuss different aspects that contribute to the overall college experience including topics like academic and student life, as well as abstract conversations on things like why we even chose to attend and why we continue to stay. Together we try to explore new perspectives by looking and discussing college through different lens’, with an attempt to learn something new each episode.

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