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Cultured and Sexual

On the eight episode (and last of S2) of Birds and Black Girls, Daisy from IC First Gen, Gisela from Poder, and Minah talk about Latinx sexuality and culture. The conversation is focused on setting boundaries, sex education, familial ties, and how culture influences both. The women also discuss safe spaces to talk about sex on and off campus.

Instagram:GISELA: @giselanicee and IC poder is @icpoder ; DAISY: @soydaisy_mc and IC First Gen is @firstgenorgic, MINAH @minahstcyr

Birds and Black Girls: Spirituality and Sexuality

In the seventh episode of Birds and Black Girls, Minah sits down with Hierald Osorto, the Director of Religious and Spiritual Life on Campus to talk about the connection between spirituality and sexuality. The episode covers various topics like African diaspora, ancestral healing, culture, and religious trauma. It also discusses the role spirituality has on queer individuals, intersectionality, and colonialism. They also discuss Kanye West's latest album, Jesus is King. Hierald's email is Minah can be followed on Instagram at @minahstcyr, twitter @strugglescreen, or through email at for discussions on past, present, and future podcast episodes.

Birds and Black Girls: Black sexuality

SUMMARY: In the fifth episode of Birds and Black Girls, Minah and her classmate, Sofia discusses the black sexualities in music, history, and film. The episode goes into topics such as fetishization, whiteness, and the male gaze. Listeners should take the time to watch Losing Ground, and read works from authors like Patricia Collins and Audre Lorde if they're interested in black sexual feminism. 


Birds and Black Girls: Intersectionality and being Queer in Ithaca

For the fourth episode of Birds and Black Girls, Host, Minah and her guest, Luca Maurer, the director of The Center of LGBT Education, Outreach, and Services talk about the resources the campus has to offer for queer students and the political and social atmosphere for LGBTQIA people. They discuss what the future holds for marginalized communities and how intersectionality affects our sexuality. 

The Center of LGBT Education, Outreach, and Services:
@ic_lgbt on IG!

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Birds and Black Girls: For Black Bodies

In the latest episode of Birds and Black Girls, Minah and her guest, Mollie McKinney from Sister2Sister, talk about racial fetishization, interracial relationships, and sexual liberation for women of color at a predominately white institution. They discuss various topics from “decolonizing” your partner to understand your body before entering a sexual and romantic relationships. 

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Birds and Black Girls: Lights. Camera. Action. Sex.

The second episode of Birds and Black Girls is about the positive and negative impacts teenage sex scenes have on adolescents. Host, Minah, discusses sex scenes in TV shows and how they shape our overall perceptions of sex and what approaches should be taken when watching such content. 

Birds and Black Girls: Pilot

Birds and Black Girls is a podcast that revolves around sex education and women's health. It will go over topics ranging from hetero-normative sex education to the dating lives of black women. The show is hosted by Minah Saint-Cyr with every episode involving a new guest to discuss their experiences with sex, dating, and health. In this first episode, we talk about dating apps, first date horror stories, and how they affect our relationships.

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